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In this section of our website you can find out how to order your copy of our official publication ‘Art as Healing’ and explore a series of Adamson related publications.

Art as Healing: Adamson’s and Timlin’s book, “Art as Healing” won MIND Book of Year award in 1985. It is a major text on art as therapy, and the Adamson Collection, but have been out of print since 1991. In 2014 Adamson Collection Trust reprinted “Art as Healing” in a limited facsimile edition of 2000 copies.

At £25 inc p&p, it is currently available from

You can also purchse the book from Blackwells Bookshop at Wellcome 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE and Bethlem Museum of the Mind Bethlem Royal Hospital, Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham, Greater London BR3 3BX.


Raw Vision, Printed Edition 113 TRYING TO DRAW MYSELF, ROSE RUANE and Dr DAVID O’FLYNN (pdf)

Ron Hampshire and the Adamson Collection
Myth, Metaphor or Metamorphosis? (pdf)
Adapted from ‘Picturing Mental Health’, originally published by

Raw Vision Weekly September 18 2020 #182 ObituaryJohn Timlin (PDF)

Raw Vision, Printed edition Summer 2020: OUR LADY OF THE FLINTS A manuscript by British artist Gwyneth Rowlands gives fresh insight into her life and the inspirations for her multi-faceted creations by Dr DAVID O’FLYNN and ROSE RUANE Read here (PDF)

Mental Health Nursing April/May 2020:  Edward Adamson and the history of art therapy (pdf)

 Journal of EAHIL 2019:  The art of those with lived experience: excavating the Adamson Collection (pdf)

Lancet: May 2018: Art, power, and the asylum: Adamson, healing, and the Collection. An essay (pdf) by David O’Flynn, Solomon Szekir-Papasavva, Chloe Trainor

Ladybeard Magazine: Dr David O’Flynn, Chair of the Adamson Collection Trust writes Private Intentions: The story behind the Adamson Collection for Ladybeard Magazine’s ‘Mind’ Edition. Download: Private Intentions – David O’Flynn (pdf)

‘On the Inside of Outsider Art’: An event that took place as part of the Bethlem Salon Series. The series brings together artists, academics and clinicians to discuss themes that offer a unique insight into art production on the site of the psychiatric hospital. Dr David O’Flynn contributes – on the inside of outsider art (pdf)

Raw Vision: A chance re-discovery in the Adamson archives saw the entire life’s expression of one inmate realised in a handful of works. JJ Beegan: Raw Vision Article, by Dr David O’Flynn (pdf)

Raw Vision: David O’Flynn considers the life of Edward Adamson a collector and pioneer of Art Therapy Art as Healing, Edward Adamson (pdf. large file 15mb)

Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine: Anna Ostrowska (2015) The Adamson Collection: illustrations of mental illness or a testament to spontaneous artistic expression? Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine (pdf)

The American Journal of Psychiatry: Laura Seftel (1987)  A conversation with Edward Adamson (pdf)

British art therapy pioneer Edward Adamson: a non-interventionist approach: British art therapy pioneer by Susan Hogan (PDF)

Edward Adamson Wikipedia Edward Adamson Wiki Sept 16 (pdf)

Raw Vision: Review of MR A MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS – Selected Artists from the Adamson Collection (pdf)